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Luxembourg city

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Luxembourg Ville

Le grand ville du Luxembourg est un ville avec beacoup des contrastes: Le vieux cathedral Notre-Dame et les Casemates, combiner avec l'architecture moderne, creer une place tres special.

Visitez Luxembourg ville est voyez le diversité de les restaurants et bars, par tout dans le centre. 

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UNESCO Luxembourg visit from Walsdorf


The city offers many nice restaurants and sights. For example, visit the viewpoint over the Vallée de la Petrusse and cross the street to the Notre-Dame cathedral to be astonished by all the wood carvings, sculptures and stained glass. Visit Place Guillaume II, with its Hotel de Ville, and cross over to the palace of the Grand Duke, where two palace guards are marching back and forth in front of the door. Less than two streets away, you'll arrive at the 'balcony', a beautiful viewpoint over the city valley with the Alzette river, the authentic old streets and the railway bridge. 

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Casemate Luxembourg, visit them now from the Walsdorf holiday park

Old city center

Old city center of Luxembourg, Beter Uit Walsdorf

Many historic buildings

Many historic buildings from Beter Uit walsdorf